Davolee has been Cirocing

Following the release of his debut single, the musicverse was filled with hot takes about the lyrical ability of Davolee with most hailing him as a breath of fresh air in the nigerian inigenous rap scene due to the attention to story telling rather than danceability that could be seen on the track.
Since then, Davolee has actually moved away from that sound as can be seen on features to a more radio friendly sound that has culminated in his new single titled Cirocing. The song which was produced by Young John has Davolee delivering his lines over the fast paced instrumental in a delivery style that is somewhere between chanting and `yelling but is nowhere near rapping. While the song is catchy and danceable, the fact that it strays far from the path envisioned for him by fans of his debut single might end up being a loss for him in the long run.

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